Google Your Business!

Google My Business has been created for small businesses that want to increase their brand awareness and web presence through;

– Google Search Engine
– Google Maps
– Google +

All of these apps will be accessible in one place instead of being separate. You will only need to input your information once under “Google My Business” and this information will not need to be entered again for any of the above apps used. Making life a lot easier for you and easier to manage!

It is now also available for Android and will be available for iOS very soon.

When starting on Google My business and you will see a screen which allows you to update the information you have either already put in (from your previous Google+ page, Google Places and Google Search info) or add new information if you haven’t filled out those parts already. This will ask for your business address, contact details, description, logo etc.

All in one:

From one screen you will be able to access and see;

– Your Google+ Page
– Your Google Insights
– Your Google Reviews
– Your Google Analytics
– And start Google Hangouts

It is a useful tool that makes the overall use of each app a lot easier to manage and work around your business. It allows you to be up to date with all of the applications for Google and you can clearly see what is working and what needs to be improved.

We think it’s a great move by Google!