Landing Page Mistakes

A lot of people dont and different answers get said, but you need to know exactly what your landing pages are and what to avoid so that you can maximize sales.

A landing page is any page on the site that a user lands from a search/ other trigger. i.e. if they organically search in Google a keyword of yours and click on your site home page that would be the landing page for that scenario.

More often the landing page is the page in which a link from example. Twitter/Facebook has come from which again a user will click and go to the page that is linked. This could be a blog/product page etc.

1. Focus

A lot of landing pages don’t have anything to do with where they have come from. E.g. if an email or a link from Twitter/facebook has discussed the services that the company do and the link put in the site/mail sends the reader to the home page this is a completley different landing page than what the reader is expecting. Straight away it causes hassle for them to try and find the services page its too much hassle for the user and immediatey you have pretty much lost any sort of lead/sale.

2. Complicated Calls-to-action

Having calls-to-action that stand out on pages are crutial as they are the ways you are going to get in contact with new potential clients/present customers. Some sites are over complicating each call-to-action which can put users off. They dont have time to mess around and they need something clear and easy to understand which stands out in order for them to get in contact straight away.

The 3 main calls-to-action on a site are contact information, forms and buttons so make sure they are all easily understood.

Forms – Only ask for the information that you actually need as a user yoursself you are not going to want to give away loads of information to a random company so why should you ask your users to do the same. Stick to what you need, if you need to ask them more questions ask for their contact details and email/call directly to ask. Dont put users off by asking for to much information that is going to take up time.

Buttons – Make sure your call-to-action buttons stand out especially against your website colour designs. You dont want them to blend in and not catach users eyes. When looking around for ways to contact you, you want these buttons to be large enough to find and bright enough to see.

Contact Information – Again your number/email etc. need to stand out. Users wont search around the website to try and find an email/number. Having your number bold, large and bright usually in the top corners of the site on every page allows users to always spot ways to contact you.

3. Don’t try to much –

If you find your landing pages arent performing well try to de-clutter and dont try to hard. You main focus on any page should be communcating with a potential lead and/or making a sale.

If you are able to remove site-wide navigation than do so, leaving the navigation links to other areas of your site can distract users. If they cannot find their way back to the page they started on this can cause fustration causing them to leave.

Only make on offer as giving to many offers and choices to users can confuse them. Instead of offereing several options for the users just give one. Simple is better in most cases.

Study the behaviour of uses on your sites and landing pages and slightly altering some areas can dramatically make a difference in conversion.