Tweetdeck – Get The Lowdown & Save Time

If your new to Twitter or a keen Twitterer but not having enough time to keep logging in to twitter and tweeting then you need to use this app.

Only used for twitter it is a simple easy way to schedule tweets throughout the day adding images/links and anything you want. You can take an hour out of a Monday morning to schedule your business tweets through the week!

Tweetdeck shows you each coloum as it would on Twitter. You are able to see the live feed, scheduled tweets, notifications, direct messages, sent messages and more. And this allows you to view everything on one screen managing your twitter account a lot easier.


In order to activate your Tweetdeck account you just need to go onto the Tweetdeck site and log in using your normal Twitter account details and this will automatically sign you in.

Adding other accounts:

If you have more than one twitter account that you want to manager you are able to add other accounts. In order to do this you just need to;

– Go to Settings in the navigat bar, select settings
– Select the Accounts tab and click Add Twitter Account.
– Add the other twitter account login details and hit the authorize button
– This will add the other account and when typing a tweet give you the option to pick what account you want it to come from
– If you do want to remove them you can press the Remove button in the same menu

Scheduling Tweets:

On the right hand side you will see a box to type your tweet. As you would normally you can type up a tweet no longer than 140 characters, add images or copy and paste links in. Before you publish the tweet you just need to click on the account or accounts you want it to be sent from and hit the Schedule Tweet button. You are then allowed to select a date and a time in which you want this to be sent. Once you have decided you will see the tweet appear in the scheduled tweet columns.

Follow people from other accounts:

When you click on another persons profile from the home feed that you dont already follow you can choose to follow the profile from any of the accounts you have set up.

Manage/Add Columns:

As stated before you are able to clearly manage different things on one screen which is a lot easier. This includes your Timeline, Interactions, Messages, Mentions, Followers, Favorites, Trends, Direct Messages Inbox, a collection of curated Tweets and even the activity from other accounts.

If you want to add another column or delete a column to see more information or get rid of then you are able to again go to the navigation bar and hit the Add Column button which you can just select the type of column you want to view and with what account or remove the column but clicking the traiangle in the right hand corner and select the red Delete button.


You can organise the columns depending on how you want to view them on the page. Just by clicking the arrows on the left and right handside. You can also drag the columns to the right or left depending on whats easier.

These are just basic steps and tips on how to use TweetDeck but will allow you to get started ad begin scheduling. With all accounts in one viewing it is a lot easier to view and manage.