Social Media (Twitter Essentials) – Part One

This series of posts will cover all aspects of using Twitter to market both yourself and your business. Let’s dive straight in and begin with Part One of the series.

If you don’t currently use Twitter then you are going to need to sign up, this is simple, visit to set yourself up, it is very easy and should take you no longer than 10 mins.

Once you are all setup then we need to have a look at what you do now.

When you signed up, Twitter would have suggested you follow people, offering suggestions such as Taylor Swift, One Direction etc. If you are interested in these guys you should follow them, from a business persepective you should probably not and keep your mind on the task in hand.

Begin by following brands and companies you are interested in, don’t be afraid to follow your competition, it is always interesting to see how your competitors are both marketing and shifting in the business world.

Now you have chosen a good set of followers to keep an eye on you need to start engaging, read what they say and retweet and/or reply to what they are saying, it is great to have an opinion.

Once you start talking people will start following you, we call this “Creating An Audience”. Once you bgin to compose your own tweets people will reply and/or retweet what you are saying. DOn’t forget to thank them publicly for this, politeness is key and you need to remember you are in a public arena.

Twitter’s search facility is brilliant and a great way to find new topics to read about, it is also a great way to keep up to date with trending results, as an example, enter #webdesign into the search results and you are going to read the very latest tweets posted from across the world.

TWEET OFTEN (but not too often)
An oxymoron I know but you can often get caught up with how fast Twitter moves, it is real time and you have millions of contributors posting all day everyday. How often you post depends on 2 factors, time and content availability.

At Pebble we aim to tweet 2-3 a day but appreciate we have to run a business at the same time. Therefore we often schedule out tweets at certain times.

Try to either schedule your tweets or tweet outside of normal working hours. Business users tend to read and engage when they are away from work rather than during the day.

Hashtags are a way for people to discover tweets (using the search we spoke about above). When you use a hashtag you can open your tweet up to a new audience.

Here is a good example of this in place:

@pebbleltd are delighted to welcome a new customer to the office @customername #webdesign #ecommerce

Users then searching for “@pebbleltd”, “@customername”, “webdesign” and “ecommerce” will now be exposed to this tweet.

We all know, even though words are great, they can look a little boring, spice up your tweet with a photo or video, if you are bragging about a new pair of shoes, post the picture! This will capture the users’ attention.

As with most things in life there are rules when using Twitter, they are common sense but make sure you:

– Be Polite and think before you Tweet
– Don’t insult people
– Remember you are personally responsible for tweeting and re-tweeting so libellous comments are to be avoided, safety in numbers do not work on Twitter

For more information about social media please contact Pebble on 01733 902070 or email us via our contact page.

Soon we will be posting the next part to this series of Twitter Essentials.