Link Building

Link building works on a very basic principle: The more links there are to you from high ranking websites, the more authority your site will gain with Google.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can just get any high ranking site to throw a link your way! There are certain specific criteria that you need to try and meet in order to build your links properly. Luckily, Pebble have the knowledge to help!

From time to time you may get people saying that, for a certain price, they can get your site linked into certain directories. Do not listen to them! Google really dislikes paid links, and may even penalize your site if it shows up on paid directories. The only realistic way to get your site linked on a high authority page is through link exchange.

Link exchange is simply ‘swapping’ links with another website, you promote their site and they will promote yours. The higher Google ranking that website has, the more authority Google will give to your site. Before you decide on who to exchange links with, you need to look at another great love of Google’s: Relevance.

Make sure the sites that you exchange links with are relevant to your website. If you are a plumber, set up a link exchange with a tiler or a plasterer, not a hairdresser! Google doesn’t add any authority if you are linked on a site that is irrelevant to your own. It is also a good idea to try and pick a business that covers the same area as you, there’s no point getting an Australian company to link to your site if you are based in England!

Finally, although exchanging links is a great way of boosting you up the Google rankings, it’s best to stick to a few good, relevant sites. If you let your pages get cluttered with loads of confusing links, it could end up doing more harm than good!

If you need any more advice on building up your links, or simply want to help your website get noticed by Google, get in touch with Pebble, or call us on 01733 902070