Why is WordPress So Popular?

WordPress has grown immensely in the 13 years since its release, and is now by far the most popular web platform worldwide, but why?

To start off, WordPress can be incredibly versatile, allowing for developers to build a wide variety of websites at a relatively low cost. You can do anything from blogs to ecommerce, and it’s all completely customisable! Unfortunately this can sometimes lead to boring websites using the same old themes. However, Pebble design and build everything from the ground up, so our customers are guaranteed that their website is as unique and expressive as they are.

WordPress also tends to be a very stable platform, with regular security updates to both security and core functionality. You can be fairly sure that a WordPress site will keep up a consistent performance due to this stability, giving you less to worry about.

It is also very easy to create mobile responsive sites using WordPress, ensuring that your business will look just as good on a computer as it will on a small screen or tablet. At Pebble, we don’t use pre made themes, so you can be sure that your bespoke site will perform quickly and look beautiful whilst doing it!

Finally, and probably the main reason that helped WordPress to take off in the first place is the Content Management System. The WordPress CMS is one of the easiest out there for clients to learn, meaning that pretty much anyone can really take control of their whole site and all its content. Pebble provide full training as standard with all of our sites, but WordPress really does make it so easy!

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