What is Google RankBrain?

It was recently revealed that a key part of the overall algorithm that Google use to filter and rank its search results is a system that they have dubbed ‘RankBrain’. RankBrain is an ‘artificial intelligence’ system that uses a process called machine learning to figure out exactly what people’s searches mean.

By looking at searches that people have made compared to the websites that they actually ended up on, RankBrain can help Google to direct people to pages that are relevant but may not actually contain any of their original search terms. In other words, RankBrain allows Google to find out the general topic of a search rather than simply relying on the exact words that were typed.

RankBrain effectively looks at a search almost like a human would, looking at the bigger picture rather than individual words. A good example would be words with multiple meanings, for example if you searched for ‘Where can I find out how to use a crane?’, RankBrain would be able to tell that you were talking about a piece of machinery rather than a bird.

This is incredibly important as it helps Google to find relevant results for uncommon or long winded searches that before would have led to completely irrelevant pages, potentially saving a lot of time and frustration for users and businesses.

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