5 Essential Things Your Business Website Must Have

1) Business Information
Build your website for your customer and not you. Remember that you will never buy from yourself and you would never call yourself enquiring about a product or service. Add only essential information to your website. As an example, if you are a restaurant you are going to add your menu (essential item). If, like us, you are a web design agency, add examples of work that you have completed.

Potential customers are going to scan your website very quickly to see if you are a ‘fit’ for their requirements so keep your content essential and homepage minimal.

2) Up To Date Contact Information
It sounds pretty simple but you wouldn’t believe how many companies have out of date information on their website. Remember contact details are replicated all across the internet and could stay out of date for years, as a result losing you potential business. Remember to have a valid telephone number, contact email address (sales@yourdomain.co.uk) and if applicable, a valid address where your customers might come and visit you.

3) Clear Navigation
Again, keep this simple and do not try and re-invent the wheel, get your most important pages as far up towards the top of the page as possible. This could be your “about us” page, “services” page, “how to find us” page etc.

Website visitors expect to see this and you should not deviate from this expectation as you will only frustrate a potential customer.

4) Security
If you are selling online (Ecommerce) and capturing data then make your website secure. You can make it secure by purchasing an SSL Certificate from your web company or hosting provider. This is also called an SSL certificate, it is low cost and secures the data of your customer while it is being transmitted across the internet.

This will enable your website to have a secure connection between your server and the keyboard your user is typing in. In fact, it is good practice to have a secure website if you are capturing any customer data whatsoever.

5) Good Hosting
You should never compromise on web hosting. You should host your website on a local mainstream hosting providerin the country you operate in. If your website is in the UK and your website traffic is UK based then your hosting provider should be in the UK, not the USA. Good hosting means faster page loading times and this in turn leads to positive search engine rankings (it is now a ranking factor).

If you are paying a few dollars a month then your hosting is probably not that good, the support will be poor and you will have lots of downtime meaning potentially lost customer revenue.

We hope you have found this post useful. If you have any questions drop us an email or contact us on Twitter.