How To Add An HTML Email Signature In Outlook

So, at this point, if you are lucky enough to have had Pebble create your shiny new HTML signature then you are going to want to start using it.

In the instructions below we are using Microsoft Outlook.
As Microsoft Outlook doesn’t allow you to place HTML code via the actual application we are going to add the HTML file for it to use.

1) Double Click “My Computer”
2) Double Click “C” Drive
3) Double Click “Users”
4) Double Click on the folder which has your name on it

Depending on whether you have the facility to view hidden files and folders on your computer will depend on what you see in this folder. If you can see a folder called “AppData”.

Please follow one of these paths:

YES! – I see an “AppData” folder
1) Double Click “AppData”
2) Double Click “Roaming”
3) Double Click “Microsoft”
4) Double Click “Signatures”
5) Copy your html signature file into this folder (Note what the file is called).
6) If Outlook is currently running, close it and reopen it
7) File > Options > Mail > Signatures
8) You should now see your new email signature which you can select to use

NO! – I don’t see an “AppData” folder
1) In the address bar at the top of the folder you should see something that looks like > Computer > C > Users > [Your Name]. If you click on the address bar you can begin to write in there. Simply type in “AppData” and press enter on your keyboard, you will now be in the AppData folder, you can continue to follow the steps above from (2).

Fingers crossed, you should be all good to go. If you are a Pebble customer and require some help doing this please go ahead and download TeamViewer ( then contact us on 01733 902070 so we can dial in and get you all setup.