Benefits of Company Listings on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for businesses; to establish networks of people professionally, to promote your company, and to find opportunities for internships or full-time positions.

LinkedIn has company pages that allow you to share recent updates from your business. These company pages are free to create and are an excellent way to promote your website and company by teaching other LinkedIn members about your business and job opportunities.

Company pages help you drive traffic to your website and enable you to promote your services, products and content. Company pages provide free marketing opportunities and also further improve the credibility of the company to its audience.

LinkedIn showcases your company, not just a single employee. LinkedIn’s basis is built on individual profiles, which tend to only promote the individual’s skills and not the entire company they work for. So therefore, the Company page is designed to be public and for the content from the page to be ranked on the Internet – which impacts on the company’s SEO ranking; increasing the company’s likelihood of appearing in Google search results.

LinkedIn Company pages allow you to showcase your services and also help you to promote your company’s latest news. With the Company page, you can promote your company’s events, success stories and important news by pinning it to the top of your page’s news feed.

Employees can also become indirect ambassadors for their companies. This happens when an employee has their own personal LinkedIn profile. When they update their ‘Experience’ section with the company’s name they work for, they are then automatically attached to the Company page. This in turn, helps promote the company even more.

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