4 Things To Consider When Building A Website

1. Design Focus
Probably one of the biggest mistakes people make when creating a website is when you have a strong brand image in place and your website does not match it. Sounds simple right? Not so, if your business has a logo that is red white and blue, then these are the colours you should focus on, don't forget to look at the fonts you use as this reflects the look and feel of your website.

2. Content
We would urge you not to go overboard on content, let video and images do the talking. You will find people are quickly put off if there is lots of reading to do. A couple of paragraphs is more than enough. Take the Pebble homepage as an example, we have 3 sentences "We Create Websites", "We Build Ecommerce Solutions" & "We Design CRM Systems" - That's all you need!

3. Keeping Things Updated
People love it when there is fresh new content, we appreciate your services may not change but everything around the business does, utilise a blog or news page to feed new content into your website. At Pebble we are often updating our blog, by doing this, users become more engaged and Google will keep coming back to your website

4. Keep It Simple
Nobody likes to figure out how to work things, especially websites, make sure you have clear calls to action and you can define the purpose of your website, if you want a user to read about your service and get in touch with you then make sure your page is designed accordingly. Service > Contact Details

If building a website sounds like it could be a bit complicated then you should consider using a professional web design agency like Pebble, we have been doing it for over a decade now! Reach out to us by telephone number on 01733 902070 or speak to us via our contact page. We have offices in Peterborough and Kings Langley.