Are You Preparing To Return To Work After Covid 19?

It’s important to remember that as crazy as things are at present, it will end. It will all be over and things will continue as ‘normal’ – but where will your business be when the coronavirus outbreak ends?

If you are able to keep your business open during coronavirus, you may find that your website is your only storefront. Is that getting you the visitors you want? Are the visitors gaining the right impression of your business, through your website?

If business has quietened a bit, then now is a great time to update and improve your website. Have a think about the layout of your website, pages on your website, keywords, SEO and blog posts. Now is a great chance for you to update your website. It’s a little way of preparing to return to work after covid-19.

For example, your ‘About’ page. Do you have a newer team photo that you can use? Perhaps you wrote that the business was 5 years old, but that was 5 years ago? Do you have a new member of the team to add to the page? What can you do to freshen up this page? It is one of the most popular pages on many websites – what does yours say about your business?

Think about blog posts too? Do you have a first blog post on your site that says “We will keep you update with all the latest and exciting news” and then nothing in the 3 years since? This is your chance to keep that blog fresh and updated with great new content. Think about the keywords you want to be found for on Google, and create blog posts with these keywords.

Speaking of keywords; how is the SEO on your website? Are you getting enough traffic to your website, are you being found for the right keywords and are your visitors converting? Small SEO improvements and the odd blog post added to your website could help keep your business in the spotlight.

Call us now for a website review. We can talk about the improvements that could be made to your website and how we can help you prepare to return to work after Covid 19.