Avoid These 5 Web Design Mistakes

When it comes to building either a new website or a revamped website then it is so easy to get too excited by the possibilities out there. Business owners can sometimes see things that other websites are doing and think this is the holy grail.

Hold on right there, the first thing to do is speak to is a web design agency specialising in these things like Pebble, who have years of experience in designing and developing websites that are designed to convert visitors to sales.

Remember, you have just a few seconds when a visitors arrive at your website to make the right impression. This is no different to a bricks and mortar shop if you don't like the look of it you don't go in right?

Here are 5 web design mistakes that you need to avoid when getting your new and improved website ready to launch:

1. Branding
By branding, we are talking specifically logos and colours but remember, your website isn't all about you, it is about the products and services you provide for your customer so make your products and services more prominent than your logo.

2. Navigation
Clear navigation rules! Your visitor should never have to figure out where and how to navigate your website. You may have a cutting edge product but you need to consider that your potential customer may not be up to speed with swiping left and right on their mouse to navigate. Ensure your navigation sits proudly at the top of the page and what is in the navigation bar is what the user needs to see.

3. Time Is Critical
Nobody has time these days, not sure why but everyone is in a hurry. Time has been the same for millions of years but there you go...Nevertheless because we know your visitor doesn't have time to be on your website first impressions count and we need to break down the barriers that will cost time, these include removing barriers like "Click Here To Enter Site" and images that are so big it takes ages for the website to load, remove these barriers and you will have a much happier visitor.

4. To Blog Or Not To Blog
Blogs are great right? You are reading this one, at Pebble, we love to write blogs. However, 8 out of 10 websites that contain blogs have been dormant for at least six months, that says it all. If you have a blog try and keep it up to date regularly if you cannot commit to this then just go ahead and remove it.

5. Self Gratification
You may be the best thing since sliced bread and you may want to shout about it from the rooftops! The thing to remember when it comes to having a great website is to play the long game, slowly and steadily build great content on your website, by doing these users will come back to your website, spend more money and Google will slowly fall in love with your website. Your website has to be built for the user in mind, never a search engine. When adding new things to your website think to yourself, "How Does This Benefit The User".

We hope this short post on how to avoid these 5 web design mistakes has helped but if you have any questions, again, a professional web design agency like Pebble may be your best bet, you can reach out to us on the phone by calling 01733 902070 or emailing us via our contact page.