Boost Sales With The Ecommerce Website Recommendations - 3 Top Tips

1. Make your product page more appealing with relevant suggestions
Often overlooked by ecommerce website operators but out of the box product suggestions are standard but not often used. This area is simply a space on your product page that suggests other products for your customer to purchase. Some folks call this cross-selling, some upselling but let's be clear on this one, it is definitely cross-selling.

If you spend the time to make sure you are linking the correct products you will reap the benefits!

2. It doesn't end at the thank you page
What's the thank you page you ask? Well, once an order has been placed on your website and your customers pays they always end up on a page thanking them very much. More often than not these pages are never touched but you may well be missing out on an opportunity, have you thought about doing one of these things?

  1. If a customer has just purchased a couple of school shirts, why not cross-sell in this page to show related products like school shorts, socks, skirts etc - Remember, the customer may not know you actually sell these items, also, customers love a one-stop shop, this is why Amazon is so successful.
  2. Why not thank your customer and give them a coupon code for their next order. Maybe a 10% off their nextorder??
  3. Why not allow your customer to share their purchase on their social media channel? This means your customer is promoting you to all their friends.

3. Don't abandon the abandoned carts!
Every reputable ecommerce website had a feature that allows you to see when a customer has put items in their basket and not proceeded. Why not give them a call to see why they didn't finish their purchase, was it a problem with the website or did they have to run out somewhere during the process? Doing this has a very high conversion rate. Some ecommerce websites have a an automated way of doing this so for more information drop us a line on 01733 902070.

We hope these 3 tips prove to be worthwhile to you. As we stated above, Pebble have been designing and building successful eccommerce website since 2007 so if you need a website that can make you money, reach out to us by phone on 01733 902070 or you can email us via our contact page.

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