Create A Direct Link To Your Google Business Reviews

Recently, more and more focus has been placed on getting reviews next to your business name in the Google search results. You can see an example of our reviews that customers have left for us. 

This is a pretty quick and simple process and should take you no longer than 5 mins.

Step 1
Get your place id, this is a unique reference Google has for each business on Google maps. If you go to: and search for your business name.

screenshot of getting google place id

Step 2
Make a note of that Place id, you can see ours is: ChIJETkj2HPyd0gRIuLXxx4WewU

Step 3
Now, let's build up the link to send to customers, create a new link like this:[place_id_here]  - Replace the [place_id_here] with your actual place id, so now it looks like this: 

You now have the link you can send to customers to leave you a review!

Step 4 (optional)
This link is not that cool so you can get a cooler link to this by using a URL shortner service like the one that Google has, so if you visit this link here: - Simply paste your new link in (e.g. and you should get back a much smaller link like this: that you can send to your clients

screenshot of google url shortner

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