CRM Systems - Make Life Easier

At Pebble, we don’t just create sites that make life easier for your customers. More and more companies are choosing us to design them bespoke Customer Relationship Management Systems.

These systems, like the large majority of Pebble’s products, are completely bespoke, and can be build to do anything from outlining everyone’s tasks for the day, to seeing exactly what information has been passed to whom, and by which colleague, ensuring that there won’t be any confusion on calling the same person twice!

We can create individual profiles for each member of staff, and even add certifications and accreditations to these people, and add a notification system that will remind you before these need to be renewed

Again, we can’t stress enough that each system is completely bespoke, and will work around exactly what you need to organise your business. There are several pieces of software that charge a large monthly fee for these types of services, and each of them will have limited access and take a while to pick up.

By choosing Pebble, you will receive a bespoke system and full training for a one-off fee that you will own completely at the end of the process, not to mention the guarantee of us always being on the other end of the phone should you need us!

So if you find yourself tearing out your hair trying to stay on top of business, talk to Pebble, or call us on 01733 902070