Give Your Website Some Summer Loving

Ok, we know websites don't have feelings, it is just code generated by a machine, however, now could be the time to have a look at your website and make some tweaks as we gear up for the final part of 2018.

This post is all about some simple things you can do to spruce up your website this summer.

Improve your SEO
If you are not where you need to be in Google's search results and the phone has died down a bit it is worth spending some time to figure out what is going on there. If you haven't got any SEO strategy at all then you are going to need to speak to a professional agency like Pebble. If you have an SEO strategy you may find that the keywords you were targeting previously may have evolved and changed. You can see this data by logging into your Search Console.

Fix your page speed
We spoke about this in previous posts (we have dropped these links into the useful resources at the bottom of the page. Have a check on how fast your website is loading as this has a crucial impact on both search engines and more importantly, users and customers.

Is your blog up to date?
First question, have you got a blog? If not then it is pretty inexpensive to add one, again, speak to your web design agency and have them add one for you so you can get to work on adding posts to your website. This keeps Google coming back to your website more and more. If you do have a blog, try and keep it up to date as much as you can.

On the smartphone...
Does your website work on mobile phones? Some call this mobile ready, some responsive. If you load your website up on your phone, how does it look, it should look like this one here: 

image of <a class='' href='' title='Pebble'>Pebble</a> website on a smartphone

If not, now is the time to speak to Pebble about making your website responsive! This is a key factor in this day and age.

How's your website security?

When was the last time your website had a security update? If you didn't know you needed one then this is something you need to look at urgently.

All websites and/or servers need to be regularly kept up to date as new vulnerabilities are discovered so monthly, if not weekly security updates need to be carried out, otherwise you may find yourself holding a website that is riddled with malware and getting banned from search engines.

Of course, Pebble take care of all this type of thing so if you have any questions why not give us a call on 01733 902070 or email us via our contact page.

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