Have You Heard the News… Instagram is Changing?

Have you heard the news? Social media is about to change! Starting with social media giants Instagram.

Instagram is predominantly known as a photo-sharing app.

However, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram. Posted a video last week confirming the company is looking to move away from its more traditional views on photo sharing. He wants to lean towards videos and entertainment after seeing the success of competitors like TikTok and YouTube. 

We will start seeing these updates shortly. So how do you feel about these changes?

More importantly, how will it affect your business and advertising campaign? 

You may need to consider making a few changes to keep your business seen and viewed.  Instead of focusing on visually pleasing photo’s, you need to think about adapting to a video-focused interface. Your business will need to invest in good video content to be seen and remain relevant. It is way more important than ever to build relationships with creators. Also, improve your online presence due to this shift in E-commerce. Having a new website or keeping your current site up to date and relevant will help. You may also need to upgrade messaging services due to this new focus of communication. 

This Instagram update seems to reflects the new digital marketing age of the powerful Influencers. Short video content reflects shorter attention spans and how photos do not get the audience’s attention anymore. 

To be honest, this could go either way for Instagram; their users will love it or hate it. Or boycotted the platform altogether. Hopefully, for Insta, there following will embrace the new features and learn to love them. 

Whether you are for or against this update, you do have to think about how this could impact you and your business long term. 

Whether it’s a good or a wrong decision for Instagram, we’ll just have to wait and see….