Looking for affordable web design in Peterborough?

1) What is affordable web design? (how much should you be paying?)

2) Keep it local and keep it Peterborough 

If you are a business based in and around Peterborough then this is an ideal post to read. Let's get started having a look at point 1 

Affordable Web Design

This is a very debatable question, what is affordable to you may not be affordable to other people, so we have given some guide prices below on what you should expect to pay if you are looking for affordable web design around this area. 

a) simple brochure website (up to 10 pages and no content management system) - You should look to budget between £400 - £500 for this kind of build. This would include a bespoke website design and all the hand holding you would need. 

b) brochure website with a Content Management System (you are given a secure login to manage the website yourself) - You should look to budget between £800 and £2,000 for a website that is database driven and manageble by yourself. 

c) Ecommerce website. This can vary (depending on the amount of products you are going to sell and how you are going to take payment online). You should expect to budget between £1,000 and £8,000 

Keep it local - Peterborough

It is important (not essential) to deal with a web design agency in Peterborough. You can be assured that the web agency is local to you, for support issues we are just around the corner and it is important to support local businesses as you are probably aware. 

So website can be very affordable as long as you choose the right web design agency. 

Pebble are a web design agency based in Peterborough for over 7 years, we know about how difficult it can be to find a web company you can trust. Do give us a call before you make a decision on choosing a web design agency for your website. 

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