Making Your Website The Fastest It Can Be

These days we want it, and we want it now!

Websites are no different to retail, in recent times we have seen the uprising of smartphones delivery rich web content seamlessley and this continues to rise.

Unfortunately, as attitudes and technology evolve many websites do not. This is why it has become even more important to ensure your website is operating like an athlete.

What You Can Do To Help

There are some fundamental things you can do which include making sure images are optimised and your hosting is good and reliable, the latter being the most important, it is no good having a great website if it goes down regularly. If this is an issue, speak to Pebble about business grade hosting solutions.

What We Can Do At Pebble

When it comes to optimisation we certainly have our finger on the pulse and are able to optimise nearly all websites to run 70-80% more efficient. There are a few things we do to achieve this:

1) Image Optimisation

2) Server Caching

3) Script Optimisation

4) Style Optimisation

5) Page Redirects

6) CDN Distribution

It doesn't just end there, using Pebble as your website optimisation expert we are able to monitor and improve the performance of your website going forward to ensure it is running at optimum levels all the time, focussing not only on your desktop website but mobile as well.

For more details please contact us on 01733 902070 or email us via our contact page.