Managing 301 Redirects

What is a 301 redirect?

A 301 redirect is a page or directive you add when you want to tell a search engine that a page is old and you want it going to a new one, like this: >

We do this by inserting a directive in the page header to tell the search engine and also to redirect them.

How To Add a 301 redirect

1) Login to your admin area

2) Catalog > URL Rewrite Management

If you have been updating, managing products in your store you may already see a list of redirects on the page. This is fine because Magento writes its own 301 redirects when you change product names etc.

Let's start adding a new custom redirect. Follow these steps below:

1) Click "Add URL Rewrite"

2) Choose "Custom" from the drop-down list

3) ID Path - This is just for admin purposes but must be a unique identifier

4) Request Path - This is the web address (URL) you would like to redirect (

5) Target Path - This is the web address (URL) you would like it to go to (

6) Redirect - You should set this to 301 Permanent

7) Description - This is an optional field and you can enter the reason why you added this redirect.

Once you have completed the fields above you can click on the "Save" button.

You have now created your first custom 301 redirects in Magento.

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