How much browsing is done on mobiles?

However, it often seems to shock people when they find out that we have gotten to the point now where well over 60% of internet traffic comes from smartphones, and that there are still so many companies who don’t have a site that is optimised for mobile devices!

This can make it very difficult for people to get an overall feel of your site if they are just popping in for a quick look and can even lead to some disregarding your website entirely!

When we design a site at Pebble, we make sure that it looks great no matter what device you’re viewing it from, and we can also help reformat existing websites to make them much more accessible from phones and other mobile devices.

What is the point in paying for a top quality website if a large portion of your views isn't meeting their full potential? Tablets are becoming more and more involved in both our home and our business lives every day, but again, so many websites out there simply don’t display properly on them!

So, to leave you with a thought, If you owned a shop and the vast majority of your customers poked their head around the door, wrinkled their noses and left, would you be concerned?

Luckily, if you stick with Pebble, we can make your site accessible, no matter where your customers are. All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a ring on 01733 902070.