Need Help Navigating Through These Tough Times?

Here at Pebble Web, we are big believers in worrying about and focusing on what we can control, and not worrying about what we can’t control. However, even we are finding ourselves worrying during these tough times. So, we want to reach out to you – to help you navigate through these tough times.

CV-19 is impacting on so many of us and our businesses. Our income has changed, our place of work has changed, the way we work has changed and the way we spend our free time has changed too. This is a lot of change for many people, and it is only reasonable that this can feel unsettling.

So, what can we do to help you navigate through these tough times?

How about a website review and chat about your business? Drop us an email to book in a call, and we can talk about where your business is and where you want to go. We will recommend changes that you can make to improve your website.

Are you feeling isolated? Have a look for online networking options. There are loads shared on Linkedin, Facebook, Eventbrite and even in the media. These events will allow you to carry on networking and promoting your business. You can also talk to other people who will help you feel less isolated.

We can run social media workshops online for you too. If there is something you want training on, then let us know. We can offer one to one coaching for you or online social media training for your whole team.

Our team are here for you. Whether you have a new idea you want to talk through, you have a block with motivation; you want some support or some hands-on training, give us a call. We are ready, able and willing to rally round and give you the support or listening ear that you need.

If you need support for your business in the current uncertain climate or want to make plans for when we come out the other end – give us a call!