Peaks and Troughs

Running your own business is one of the most exciting things you can do, knowing that you are in total control of your destiny, and being your own boss is so empowering.

I remember starting Pebble Ltd in 2007 and can recall just how exhilarating it was, and now 12 years later, and a much bigger team still feel the same way. 

Measuring success

We can use the good old swingometer thats used during elections to give us a good analogy for how we and our businesses feel or at least how it's performing throughout the year. 

Most of the time it should gently sway left of centre and then right of centre, this is fine and very healthy. We all know that in reality, this is not always the case 

So let's get to the point shall we, "cash flow." During the month, quarter or year most business experience some violent shifts in their cash flow the swingometer goes into overdrive violently swinging left and right, this could be because 

  1. 1) You have clients that do not pay on time
  2. 2) Unexpected overheads
  3. 3) Sickness
  4. 4) Workload
  5. 5) Lack of Opportunity and the only hot leads you have are the ones coming out of the back of your computer.
  6. 6) The one Pebble wants to talk about "Online Marketing / Web Presence." 

There are unquestionably things Pebble can assist you with that will dramatically assist your business in finding more opportunities via your online web presence. This will then affect just how much our swingometer reacts. 

So for if you would like a free online review on how to improve your website and make more money while you sleep, or create more enquiries via your online presence then why not give us a call or e-mail us. 

Remember if we do not measure somthing then it's simply not being managed.