What Are Pinterest Buyable Pins?

Pinterest have joined the action too now with their buyable pins, this means that users can buy a product straight from the pin they are looking at (provided it is a buyable pin).

This is similar to Twitters buy buttons on some tweets, however Pinterest have the advantage of users already using their app for ideas and many users will likely have wanted a feature like this for a while.

Pinterest have partnered with ecommerce providers to make this service available.

How it works:

The buyable pins will have a price on the bottom left of the thumbnail and then when expanded, when tapped on, will have a buy button.

Users can search by price, this means that pinterest can act almost as a dedicated shopping app if the user wishes.


Users will have to once enter shipping details and card information (it also allows apple pay).

As a safety feature to prevent children ordering large amounts of items, a security code is needed each time to buy the product.

How can I get it?

Pinterest allows a potential user to put their name forth to state their interest in being able to use buyable pins, but at the moment buyable pins are "only available to select U.S. retailers and businesses".

Pinterest would like to extend the use of the buyable pins.


Users can get seen and have a good source of revenue if buyable pins are accessible by them

It is free for the user, they do not have to give Pinterest a cut of then money

Exposes the shopper to a wide range of products they may not be able to find anywhere else


Users will be exposed to a lot of potential buys which may deplete the wallet more than previously wanted

Only available to a few businesses in the U.S.