Setting up an email account - iPhone

If you follow these easy steps below you can quickly setup your iPhone to send and receive emails.

1) On your iPhone - click on the settings icon

2) select mail, contacts and calendars

3) Choose "Add Account"

4) If Pebble have created the email address for you, choose "Other"

5) Enter your name, email address, password and optional description

6) Press "Save" in the top right corner

7) Choose "POP" at the top of the screen

8) Enter the hostname of the incoming mail server - This will be similar to

9) Enter your username - this is your email address 

10) Enter your password provided to you 

11) The details for the outgoing mail server is the same as the incoming mail server. 

12) Click "Save" in the top right corner 

13) Your email has now been created

If you are a Pebble customer and you are still having difficulty then please call us on 01733 902070 or contact us via our contact form.