Setting Up A Sitemap In Magento

Magento is no different but you have to get it all setup first, note these instructions are based on Magento version 1.9

The first step is the login to your admin area and see if you have one generated already.

1) Login to your admin area

2) Catalog > Google Sitemap

If you have no sitemap(s) listed then you are going to have to create one.

1) FTP into the root of your website

2) Create a folder called "sitemap"

3) Ensure you have write permissions enabled

4) Logout of your FTP

Now we are going back to your website admin area

1) Click the "Add Sitemap" button

2) Enter the filename "sitemap.xml" (this is a standard sitemap xml filename)

3) Enter the path "sitemap/" (this is the folder you created)

4) Click the "Save & Generate" button

You will then be returned to your Google sitemap page.

So we have now created your sitemap you are all good to go. Of course you are going to want this to keep updating automatically so we can set this to update on its own.

Setting It To Update Automatically

1) Login to your admin area

2) System > Configuration > Catalog > Google Sitemap > Generation Settings

3) Make sure it is "Enabled"

4) Enter the time when you want it to update (We recommend 01:00)

5) Set the frequency

6) Click the "Save Config" button

If you do not see "System" in the menu then you will need to reach out to the website administrator to grant access to this space.

We hope this short post has helped you to create your sitemap in Magento.

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