Take Control With A Content Management System

A CMS, or Content Management System, is a fantastic way for a business to take control of their website after the initial build process. The basic point of a CMS is to make it fast and easy for someone with no technical website knowledge to edit or add content to an existing website.

Some developers don’t include, or even charge extra for a CMS, but at Pebble, this feature comes as standard with every one of our websites. It really is a must-have feature for any business, allowing your site to adapt and expand along with the company!

On top of that, Pebble always provides full CMS training, so once your site is completed you will have all the skills you need to add new pages, edit menus, change images and even post regular news and blogs. Our clients love the fact that they can take full control of their websites, without being reliant on a developer whenever they feel like making a change! Just remember that we’re always on the end of the phone if you get stuck! 

At Pebble, we believe that once a project is complete, it’s yours and we try our best to ensure that you really can do anything you want with it. By choosing a Pebble website, you can ensure that it will always reflect your business, no matter how much you grow!

For more info on CMS or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact Pebble or give us a call on 01733 902070