Things You Can Improve On Your Website From Home

We all know that the UK is currently on lockdown. For many businesses, this means work has slowed down. Some companies have had to shut completely or just temporarily. However, it is essential to remember that this will end. The real question is; what will your business look like when we come out the other end?

In this blog post, we would like to share some ideas with you of things you can improve on your website from home. These are things that will get you prepped and ready for when things return to ‘normality’.

By making these changes to improve your website, you will get your website higher up search engines such as Google. This will result in more traffic to your website, and you’ll be able to increase your conversion rates too – just by making some of the following improvements.


What do you want people to type into Google to find your business, product or service? Make sure these words are used throughout your website. Where possible, have a page with the keyword as the main topic of the Content. Make sure your keywords are clear on your home page and on your services or product pages too.

Social Media

If you have links from your website to a social media page, make sure it works. Maybe when you had your website designed, you decided you were going to be active on five different platforms. However, as time has gone on, you have 2 or 3 favourites, and the other platforms are no longer used? If that’s the case, take them off your website page. The link to a social media account takes your audience from your website to somewhere else; why would you want to do that if you haven’t updated the Content? This would give the wrong impression to your potential client or customer.


Do you have a testimonials page or testimonials scattered through your website? If you have over 30 testimonials, it may be worth having a testimonials page where they can all be seen. Check on social media, review sites, emails and more for testimonials. They may have come in throughout the year, but they haven’t made it to your website yet. Copy and paste these to your website and show off how great your clients think you are.

Case Studies

Case studies are a perfect way of showing what you do, how well you do it and how happy you make your clients. Why not use this downtime to catch up with clients and ask them for a case study. Send over some questions for them to answer and turn that into your case study. This can be then be used on a Case Studies page on your website, or as a blog post if you’d prefer?

About Page

Check out what you said on your About Page. This could have said you have been in business for five years, but that was three years ago, and it hasn’t been updated since. Why not change how many years you have been in business to the year the company was established? That will help this page from going out of date. If you mention businesses you work with, make sure this is still relevant. Add in new names if there are new businesses that you work with. The same goes for your team. Look at the names and job positions you have mentioned – are these still the same now?

Meet the Team Page

Some business websites have an About Page; others have a Meet the Team Page; some businesses have both. As we said in the last point; look at the team you mention. Do these people still work for you, and do they still have the same job role? Have any of your team married and changed their names? If you have written that they have children or pets, check that this still stands the same; have they had more children, for example? Remember to check how long they have been with the business. If you stated the year, they joined that’s fine. However, if you said that ‘Tracey’ has been with the company for 3 years – is this still correct?

Update Photos

What photos do you have on your website? If you have a picture on your website with a mobile phone in, is it the recent model or is it one of the old flip ones with an aerial? Are your individual team photos up to date too? Perhaps you have a picture of the team stood outside the shop front, but some of the team have left, and new people joined? Why not replace that photo with one from the work Christmas party?

Get Blogging

Whether you have a blog on your website or not, now is the time to get blogging. A regular blog post on your website will help increase your SEO. It will also give your audience more content to read on your website, and you will have more Content to share on your social media. Think about what your audience wants to know and blog about that. This could be FAQs, How To Guides, Top Tips and more. You can write the blog posts yourself, or outsource them to us. We will then look after your content management for you and create regular blog posts for you now and in the future. Ensuring you always have fresh Content on your website and an up-to-date blog.

Website Refresh

If you have been looking through your website and think it looks outdated then why not consider a website refresh? Take a look at other websites, inside and outside your industry. Write down what you like and what you don’t like about your website and the website you research too. Once you know what you’re looking for, give us a call. We can have a free website consultation with you and help refresh your website.

At times like this, your website is your shop front. Some people are researching your services and products now to purchase them later – make sure your website looks attractive and engaging for visitors to your website during lockdown and when the lockdown is over.