Top Ecommerce Tip For May - How To Succeed Online

OK, it sounds like a bit of a tongue twister but we are planning to drop some really cool tips in our blog to help your ecommerce website grow in sales and stature so keep coming back for more.

As we look around in 2018 at the Ecommerce websites out there many are such a mess. Too complicated, dull and lacking the clear fundamentals including "Clear Calls To Action" and no real message.

We are not in the business of singling out individual bad websites so we have highlighted a couple of good ones for you to look at to give you inspiration...

screenshot of john lewis

John Lewis spends a lot of time and money getting it right so there is no reason not to have a look at how cool their ecommerce website is. Look how they keep it nice and simple.

screenshot of apple

We know that Apple does it well, the design simplicity of their products means their website has to follow suit.

Therefore, simplicity seems to be the right way forward. It’s a timeless trend without much effort and it brings out amazing results when it’s done right. Imagine for just a minute, a customer lands on your website and what does he or she see? A clear call to action, nicely photographed products, the right information in the right places? No? Then now is the time to take a hard, long look at your website.

Also by keeping it simple, you make it faster, who doesn't love a fast website? Customers will love you and Google will love you more! Google recently announced (2017) that page loading times form part of their ranking signals so getting that right is paramount.

Put yourself in customer’s shoes. He lands on the website for the first time, without knowing a brand so the last thing he wants to do is thoroughly checking the menu and homepage. He just wants to know what you offer, how it will solve this problem and how much it costs, right?

Finalising, remember that visitors aren't anonymous, they are real people spending real money with you and deserve a decent Ecommerce website. If you think your Ecommerce website needs a bit of a refresh speak to Pebble on 01733 902070 or reach out to us via our contact page.