How To Transfer Your .Com Domain Name

Step 1 - Unlock the domain

Most domain registrars will lock a domain name when you purchase it for the first time. The reason for this is so it cannot be transferred without your knowledge so you can look at this as a good security measure. To unlock your domain name, simply contact the current domain registrar and ask them to unlock it for you. Depending on where you purchased your domain you may be able to login to your control panel and do this yourself.

Step 2 - Check the administrative email address

When you initially bought your domain name your registrar should have registered your domain with your own details. However, this is not always the case and they sometimes put themselves as the administrative contact. This is not a problem when you start the transfer an email will be sent to this administrative email address asking them to approve the transfer.

Step 3 - Get your transfer code

This is now the important part, once you request the transfer (step 1 & 2) you will receive an authorisation code (auth code). Keep this code secret as you will need this. The authorisation code can be mixed case so it is important to copy it correctly.

Step 4 - Transfer the domain name

Now you have your authorisation code you can now move your domain name to another domain registrar. Simply go through the steps of registering a domain name and choose to transfer a domain, enter your authorisation code and you are all set.

Important items to note are that you have a short time (currently 7 days) before the authorisation code expires. If you do not register (transfer) the domain in this time window you will have to begin the process above again so if you are organised this should be straightforward.

If you are still pretty confused, companies like Pebble specialise in moving domain names, please contact us on 01733 902070 or email us via our contact form.