We all get our cars serviced regularly - Or at least we should

We never intend to scare you, but website Technology is moving so fast which is great because as it develops so can your website offering more functionality and more eye-catching imagery.

However, as it progresses so do the methods, nasty Hackers use to bring you down. They do not care if you are a sole trader or a million pound corporate but the damage is the same. So we have come up with some top tips you can implement to help keep your website safe and protect your revenue stream from it because if people are searching for your product or service cannot find you your revenue STOPS...

So here are some routine things you can do

  • Make sure your website is backed-up at an acceptable frequency
  • Ensure any plugins you use are up to date, this ensures any vulnerabilities in your security are blocked this ensuring you have up to date robust security
  • Check your contact forms are working as they should be if your site is e-commerce make sure the shopping cart is functioning correctly
  • Check your any interactive aspects of your site to ensure these are also functioning, as they should. These all help let you know if something is wrong before it is too late
  • Change your admin password regularly – this should apply to all your passwords

Now we know you have a business to run which is why Pebble Web Design has created a Web Maintenance Package where we will run all of these periodic checks for you and make sure everything is as it should be.

Just like your MOT on your car

What is also included is

  • 25 point security check – ensuring your site is secure
  • Help with any e-mail set-up/problems
  • Should the worst happen (your site gets hacked, and you lose the lot), we will restore your site and clean out any viruses, trojans. So you are fully functioning within 24-48 hours
  • PLUS, we will setup and install Google Analytics so you can track your website visitors and traffic
  • Google Web Master Tools if you do not already have it so you can see what Google thinks of your site and use it to optimise your website

If you have been putting up with the worry of what you would do if and when something goes wrong with your site then this is the solution for you and your business contact us now to get a quote