Why Visitors Leave Your Website

At Pebble Web Design, we are sure you understand that every visitor that leaves your website is a missed opportunity. Each visitor to your website is a potential opportunity or new client that you could lose if they leave your website.

In this blog post, we put together the most common reasons that visitors may leave your website. This means you can then get changes made to your website to stop your visitors leaving.

When someone firsts lands on your website, you have just 10 seconds to grab their attention. However, if the visitor is viewing your website from their mobile device, you have just 3 seconds! More worryingly perhaps is the fact it takes just half a second to form an opinion of any website, business or brand.

If you've noticed a high bounce rate in your Analytics report and low time-on-page stats, then the problem could well be your,  website message, look and feel or even your Page Loading Speed

If a potential new customer visits your site and after 3 seconds the page still has not loaded, don't be surprised if they end up clicking that back button. The longer it takes for your website or individual pages to load, the more potential business you could lose to people just clicking that browser back button.

Where Next?

You need to have a clear journey for visitors to your pages. Link one page to the next page to lead visitors through your website. Every piece of content on your website should engage with your visitor, and encourage them to move onto the next page or take action. For example, on an eCommerce store, you could do this by showing recently viewed products, or similar/related products.

Poor Design

We don't just mean that a website looks terrible, although this can be one reason for visitors to leave a website. We also mean websites that are over complicated, made for fashion and not function or hidden navigation buttons, pop-ups and unresponsive buttons. Make sure the navigational buttons are clear and easy to use, on every page.

Valueless Content

Your website needs to offer something to make the visitor stay. The value of a website is measured by its ability to inform, educate, entertain, engage or solve a problem. If your website content isn't doing that, then what value is it adding? Having content on your website that is worthy of its headline is essential.

Not Mobile Optimised

Reports by Statista show that 48.71% of all website visits came through mobile devices in the first quarter of 2019. If your website isn't mobile optimised, it means mobile users will quickly leave your website. People don't want to scroll down your website on their mobile device. They also don't want to have to zoom in to click buttons or read the content.  Always double check your website on a mobile device.

If you're concerned about a high bounce rate or low time-on-page stats, then give us a call. We would be happy to discuss your business, website, and how we could help you.