WordPress 5.6 is on its way!

What does this mean for you and your business?


It will mean different things to different people, and maybe affect you and your business differently. For some individuals and companies, they will not see any adverse effects.


So let's break it down with an easy to understand analogy. For this, I will use the Apple IOS on an iPhone.


We all use apps on our mobile devices to help us day to day; these can be to give us answers we need or even help manage our day. To get us to a meeting on time or to get us home from the meeting, then help us choose what we are having for dinner.


Now and then we get notified to update these apps we use on a day to day basis. We update and are back in business.


Sometimes though we update the core software on our phone. Just recently Apple released a new version of their IOS platform and I jumped at the chance to upgrade. One thing I have learned is when I do this I find that the majority of my apps will need to be updated to work with the core software. So once updated to the new IOS I'm straight into the apps and update what's there, and I'm good to go.


So getting back to what we were talking about WordPress 5.6. and what this means for you.


Should you update to 5.6?


If you can safely then yes upgrade but make sure you have a backup to hand just in case you need to roll back. Once updated, see if any plugins you use need to be updated too.


Then Test, Test, Test.


Check your website from top to bottom, whether its plugin functionality or your current theme or design. Check it all twice just like Santa, and then check again.


The testing will review your existing plugins and ensure their ongoing compatibility with WordPress.


Our clients on our website care plan don't need to worry about a thing, this because Pebble will upgrade their websites for them. 


If your not a Pebble customer perhaps now is the time to think about coming on board and partner with us and let Pebble do all the heavy lifting for you.


If you would like any help or advice, contact us and we can hold your hand through the entire process.