Is Your Business Getting The Most Out Of Google?

There is a wide range of great business tools that are available free of charge from Google that are well worth looking at, we have broken these down below with a link through so you can see how your business could benefit.

Google AdSense In a nutshell:
If you have a website that you would like to earn some advertising revenue from then Adsense is the way forward. For each click that a user makes you will earn money. This is generally for websites that have moderate to high traffic volume

Google Adwords In a nutshell:
If you are looking to drive traffic to your website, whether it is an ecommerce or brochure website then Google Adwords is the way forward, it is a jump start on organic SEO and involves you creating a small advert that will appear in Google search results and on their partner advertising spaces.

Google Alerts In a nutshell:
This is a great tool where you can setup “keywords” that you are interested in and Google will send you a notification when it crops up in their search, this is good for latest news items and trending topics around the world. Google Analytics In a nutshell: Pop the google analytics code on your website and you will get an array of data about web traffic to your site. This will not only contain basic traffic information but details on where your traffic is coming from, the types of browsing devices they use and even though it is in beta at the moment, you can view live traffic data.

Google Webmaster Tools In a nutshell:
If you tie your Webmaster Tools account in with your analytics account above you can access a higher level, more commonly reserved for webmasters. Once logged in you can look at website integrity, submit sitemaps, reconsideration requests and stay up to date with notifications that are website specific.

Google Chrome In a nutshell:
This is an alternative to Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. Google market the browser as a “faster way to browse the internet”. We agree it is faster, however, the downside is it relies heavily on DNS caching so you may not be looking at the latest version of a webpage. Well worth downloading though.

You Tube In a nutshell:
Owned by Google and if you haven’t heard of You Tube you must have been living on a different planet for the last decade, this is the most popular repository of videos anywhere in the world. Millions and millions of videos are available from videos of One Direction to how to build the perfect website, everything is in there. Consider posting marketing and promotional videos of your business and get yourself seen.

Google Drive In a nutshell:
If your business shares documents then Google drive is a great place to store them. You can upload documents to share securely, including word and excel files. You can also controls who can see them and who can make changes to them.

Google Translate In a nutshell:
This started off as a very poor place to get translation done for words and sentences a few years ago. It has come a long way since then and is now so complex. It takes advantage of users being able to submit corrections and has grown into being one of the most popular places to go and translate. It will never replace a human translator but it is a great tool to use.

Google Mail (Gmail) In a nutshell:
This is where you can sign up and create a free account to have an email address, if you work this with Google Apps you can get your own custom email addresses (, they don’t do a free version anymore unfortunately but it is pretty cheap and rivals other platforms such as Office 365. There are many more Google products available, we have only scratched the surface here and you can also keep an eye on what they are working on right now in their Google Labs.