Ecommerce – How To Increase Revenue Through Your Store

If you are lucky enough to have got your ecommerce built by Pebble then you are already one step ahead and today we are talking about cross selling and upselling through your store.

You don’t need to be a huge retailer to do this and it is a low cost marketing strategy you could employ with relative ease. Let’s start of by explaining what “cross selling” and “up selling” actually is:

Cross Selling
This is a “buzz word” for essentially suggesting a related product to a customer who is considering buying. If you think of this example, if I were to go into a famous fast food restaurant and asked for a Big Mac, I am going to be hit straight away with a cross sell, which is…”would you like fries with that”? – We know you have experienced this rather subtle cross selling technique.

The important thing to take into consideration when deciding on cross selling items is to put yourself into the shoes of your customer, is it relevent and is it beneficial, not only to your profit but more importantly to your customer?

Up Selling
Upselling is a more superior marketing technique but shouldn’t be used all across your website to drain the life out of a potential purchase. Examples of upselling to a customer is by offering a product that provides even more benefit to the customer, an example is, your customer has a 500GB portable drive in their basket, you could offer the 750GB portable drive for slightly more but the benefit here is that they get even more storage for just a few pounds more.

Used carefully, up selling will pay dividends in the long run.

Of course, above we are speaking about the pre-purchasing process but it doesn’t end there. You can continue to market to your customers (assuming you have their permission) after the purchase.

You can harness coupon codes and cross selling opportunities after they have purchased a product, why not cross sell to your customer to finish off their collection or provide details on upgrading their original purchase to the latest, greatest, greenest product solution ?

We hope this has given you some food for thought regarding cross selling and up selling vie your ecommerce website.

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