Get the facts on a domain name

If you are not sure what a domain name is, this is your best place to start. First of all, let’s start by explaining what a domain name is.

Domain names are what we market our websites as,, or are examples of domain names and are the words you write into the address bar in your web browser.

These are simply friendly names for your website so people can remember them and can write them easy ( the real address to your website is what we call an IP address – we’ll go into that at another time ) . As an example, you can easily remember our domain name, it is, but our actual address is (You wouldn’t want to try and remember that !)

Domain names can be purchased very easily and very cheaply if they are available. We are sorry to say the best domain names are already gone ( short domain names ). Most of these were bought in the very early days of the Internet and some domain names can change hands for as much as a million pounds.

Just a few years ago there was a big market in selling domain names but this has tailed off recently as the names get harder to buy.

One of our top tips is once you have found a domain name to buy then, if you can afford it, buy it for at least 5-10 years. this shows a commitment that you will be running your website for a good few years and search engines love your commitment.

It is the domain name that your web design company like Pebble will use to make your website appear on the internet.

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