Get Your Website Contact Form Converting

When it somes to capturing enquiries in a 24/7 age of things then you have to ensure your contact form is working for you and is considered to be one of the most valuable elements you can have on a website.

By reviewing your contact form today and following these steps below you can quickly see the conversions going up.

Step 1
Take a look at the amount of fields you have in your contact form. The less people have to fill in the better it is for both them and you. Although it is great to capture as much information as you can to create a warm lead or pre-qualify your leads, you are more than likely turning away genuine enquiries.

In 2014 Expedia looked at their contact form, removed a single field (Company Name) and saw an increase in enquries, which in turn generated an additional $11.7 million in profits to the company.

Step 2
Forms that require a visitors’ telephone number has proven to reduce conversions by 5% – so if it isn’t vital, we recommend you remove it.

Step 3
Ensure that you place a label next to a field letting users know that certain ones are optional.

Step 4
Submit – Get the button text right. Don’t use the words submit. This has proven to reduce conversions by 3%, on the other hand, using the words “Click Here” has proven to increase conversion by 30%.

We hope these small steps help you to make your contact form work better for you. If you are still not sure, you can contact Pebble on 01733 902070, email us via our own contact form or reach out to us on Twitter @pebbleltd