How To Get More Website Traffic – These Definitely Work

We all know that getting more traffic to your website means you are likely to expose more people to your products and services. We know this because we play the web conversion game, more traffic = more sales

So the question of “How Can I get More Traffic?” can now be answered. It doesn’t matter if this is a new website or an old ageing website. Let’s look at a few of the options that you can do:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Lots of people would have told you that good SEO is the building blocks behind any website, they are not wrong, similar to foundations on a building, your website needs to have solid foundations, Google recognise good foundations and promote your website in their search index.

What You Need To Do…
Ensure your SEO is strong, asking companies like Pebble to run an in-depth analysis can highlight where you can improve, this will lead to your website rising in Google and subsequently gaining more website visitors.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
For instant traffic PPC is often the way forward. Create your advert, pay your money and you are away. Page 1 of Google is almost guaranteed for all advertisers. Be cautious though, PPC can be a minefield and soon leave you out of pocket if you are not careful.

Why Use It?
It can be extremely profitable if worked correctly, instead of relying on your website to find you visitors you are paying to be put in front of these visitors immediately.

Social Media Advertising
We are assuming you have heard of social media, this is your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Did you know you can advertise on these platforms as well as search engines like Google?

How Effective Is It?
It can be extremely effective and relatively low cost (lower than you think). You can also build a social media audience using advertising which is the holy grail of brand exposure.

Email Marketing
If you sell products online and are not using email marketing then you are failing to tap into a trusted customer base you have spent time building up. These are often customers that have purchased from you before, trust your product and brand.

Will It Work For Me?
Absolutely, telling previous customers you have an “upgraded product”, “sale on” or “end of line sale” means that customer will come back for a possible purchase. A word of caution, always ensure you have permission to market your customers in this way, there are strict rules on spam emails and you wouldn’t want to ruin the good reputation you have with your customer.

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