Getting Your Google PPC Right

Getting your adwords campaign is essential in providing a ROI (Return On Investment). This short post may give you a better steer on how to make sure your PPC campaign is going to work for you.

Make sure you learn your metrics
When you have established the cost factors, CPC, CTR, CPA, average order values, average profit per order, then you are in a position to ‘scale’ up your campaign in the knowledge that because it is setup correctly and your ROI will still be in play. If this first step is not done correctly then you will find you are spending more on ads than you are receiving in revenue.

This is the primary reason for PPC going wrong

Start With A Low Budget And Scale Up
You must test your campaign and trial new ads constantly. You can never do too much of this and the data you view online is highly accurate.

Target Exact Keywords
Ensure your ads are targeted towards your actual products or services. You wouldn’t believe the amount of companies that get this wrong and this will leave you out of pocket. As an example, if you sell “Display Boards” then this is your primary keyword, no need to fluff about with peripheral keywords, Google will do this for you.

Keep An Eye On Negative Keywords
If you are not sure what these are then we can explain, negative keywords are words you can tell Google not to display your ads for. So, as an example, we sell football boots but do not stock “Nike” boots, this is a perfect negatiev keyword. It is important that you keep reviewing these over time.

Mobile Phone Results
If your website is not optimised to be served up on mobile devices then do not target your ads to be shown on these as a user will click on your ad (costing you money) and your website might not be legible.

Keep Your Landing Pages Up To Date
You should be constantly looking at what pages your users see when they click on your advert. These should contain the correct calls to action. If your advert goes to your home page then you have immediately got it wrong.

Good luck with your PPC campaign. If you need help or advice you can reach out to Pebble, we specialise in PPC advertising and can ensure your campaigns are getting you the right return on investment.

We have used a few technical terms in this post. We have a jargon buster which provide plain english descriptions of these.