Great Content Marketing For Your Website

We all know, whether you are in marketing or just managing your own website that content marketing works. That is of course if you do it right. It makes sense that Google loves fresh new content with substance.

So the question is, what am I writing about and how often should I be doing it?

What To Write About
A lot of people think is quite difficult to write content but is actually very easy to do. Unless you are inside the private sector then you are basically flogging your services and wares to the general public or other businesses so content targeting is simple.

The key is to not only keep the current website up to date with your latest products and services (which counts as great, up to date website content) but also look at what people are saying around you about your products or services.

As an example, let’s pretend we are landscape gardeners, we have our services on our website and there is nothing more to say right?
Wrong, try having a look at what season we are in, if we are in the winter speak about seasonal differences in winter time. Write a blog article about “top things to do in winter”, “get your garden ready” etc etc.

So it is starting to sound a lot easier, you can also look at what is going on in the news, are there gardening related news stories around that you can have an opinon on? If so, speak about them (remember to credit content that you re-use on your website).

How Often Do I Keep My Website Up To Date
The best way to look at this is to sit back and decide on how much time you have, we recommend spending 1-2 hours a week on content, this is time you allocate to making website changes.

The most important thing, and crucial, is to stick to this religiously. Google will eat up your changes when it visits your website for indexing, it will love you even more if it knows how often you update your website.

Expanding Content Changes
Once you have got a handle on getting your website up to date and content flowing in then it is time to look at getting your content flowing through paralell channels. Social media is a good example of this. Try and post to social media at least every 2 days, the very essence of social media is that it is bang up to date.

We hope this will give you a starter for 10 on website content updates.

If after all that you are not in a position to keep your website up to date then content wizards like Pebble exist to take this pain away from you. Please contact us for more information.