Running a business can be a scary, dispiriting prospect with your customer base expanding, managing stock situations, and entering orders. The right CRM system could profit your business like nothing else. With the right bespoke system, a CRM could store and manage everything about your client. It can track your relations and help you win further clients. It could boost your deal’s capability. Support client care and automate your marketing.

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” it’s a software system that helps businesses track all dispatches and nurture connections with their leads and guests.

You know how meaningful your client connections are to success and the idea of a CRM system sounds like a good idea.

Nevertheless, it can feel like a huge decision.


  • Your client data is hard to detect.
  • You’re not able to keep up with leads.
  • Your client’s services are expiring, and you’re unaware.
  • You have precious, long-term accounts you need to manage.
  • Your reporting process takes too long.
  • You’re doubtful about your growth path.

A CRM might be the crucial element you need.

Here at Pebble, we make bespoke CRMs to suit every type of business. Our own Pebble CRM is the most precious asset in our business, and it’s at the heart of everything we do. We know at a click of a button what stage a project is at, what work is outstanding, and our profit and loss on all services or accounts. We can store thousands of contact details of our clients and potential clients. It holds all our invoicing and renewal dates, so we never miss a thing. It can even predict our future profit margins. The beauty of a bespoke CRM means we can tailor it to suit you and your business needs to make you a more efficient business.

Get in touch today to find out more and see if a CRM is something that can enhance your business.