Things To Remove From Your Website – Enough is Enough!

We have been going on about new technologies, old methods, best practices etc for a while now but thought we would just expand on this one last time to give you an essential run down on things that shouldn’t be on your website in this day and age.

1) Background Music
If you have this playing on your website when someone arrives, now is the time to remove it. You are absorbing someones bandwidth without them realising and it is a little old school. You can have music but drop a music player onto your website and give the user the option.

2) Flash
If you have flash animation on your website then this has to go. It is not supported by iPads and iPhones, as these are one of the most popular manufactures of smart phones and tablets you are just making your website look unprofessional and restricting your content. If you have to keep your flash animation becuase it is really good why not drop something in as an alternative for Flash if they are on these kind of devices.

3) Auto Playing Content
We are talking about audio or video content that starts playing as soon as you have arrived on a website without you asking to play it. On these types of websites you will suddenly hear noise that is not familiar and you will do one of two things. Search around the web page for a way to turn it off or simply close down the website.

4) Non-Essential Information
Take this opportunity to have a look at your website content and ask yourself do you need this content or, more importantly, will the website visitor find it useful?

As an example, if you have a lovely dress shop in the middle of Wolverhampton. Is it essential to display the 10-day weather forecast on your website for the local area? Probably not, you should consider removing it.

Ask yourself a few simple questions:

1) What type of website user is visiting my website?
2) What information are they looking for?
3) Is this information easy to find (In less than 3 clicks?)

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