So, the first question would be, what are you searching for in Google?

If you are searching for a product or service that you sell or provide then it is likely you wouldn’t be at the top of Google (unless you have been trading online for a number of years or run some kind of Ad Word campaign), instead, try this:

Check for your index status: Enter your website into Google like this: and press search. If you see pages from your website listed then Google certainly know about your website, however, there may be underlying issues to do with your actual website itself. This could possibly be the low keyword relevancy of your website content. If you see nothing listed then there could be a number of reasons for this.

Here are some checks you should do:
Have you ever submitted your website to Google?
Do you have a robots.txt file? if so, is this preventing indexing?
Is it likely your website has been banned from Google’s indexes?

If you are not sure about any of the above or is a bit above your head then you would need to speak to a website and SEO specialist like Pebble to determine what is the current status of your website’s search engine status.

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