The importance of using your company email domain

“Never judge a book by its cover” goes the age old saying that so many of us are used to hearing as we grow up. Well here at Pebble, we’ve turned the phrase on its head by asking an important question: “why should a best seller have a perfectly mediocre cover?”

It’s all too common these days to see many people from small businesses using a generic email address –,… the list goes on. An email address is increasingly becoming the first thing that a customer or a potential business partner will see when they begin to interact with you, whether it be on a business card, in their email browser or even hastily scribbled on a piece of paper.

If you think of your business is a book, this short email address becomes a major part of its cover, and if that cover looks professional rather than generic, you can reinforce a lot of facts about your brand. By seeing your name laid out in connection with the name of your company, peoples minds will automatically be drawn to you when they hear the name of your business and vice versa. A simple changes me from a guy who happens to work at a web design company into an integral part of the Pebble web design team. In essence, it shows that you are someone important.

This dedicated domain name can also help to split work from home, making sure that an urgent notice from your most important customer, won’t get swallowed by the endless Facebook notifications from Sharon inviting you to play candy crush… just take the hint Sharon, no one wants to play with you!

At Pebble, one of our main goals when designing sites for small businesses is making sure that you get your own dedicated domain name, allowing your company to show that you really do mean business.

For more information about how Pebble can help you get your business emails setup and working for contact us on 01733 902070 or email us via our contact form.