It’s summertime again, the weather is sweet, but the selling is hard.

Even the most confident salespeople aren’t immune to the summer dip with the warm weather and school holidays; businesses suffer from a summertime slump.

Knowing when it occurs is the best way to deal with a summertime dip. By your second or third year of trading, you should get a good idea of your client’s habits.

Starting a business means highs and lows. If you’re going to be successful, you’ll have to learn to deal with it to remain profitable for the whole year.

Try to set your business apart from other companies by making a point of maintaining visibility throughout the year

Even if regular clients aren’t in contact during summer, they might still be around. Be creative and find ways to keep in touch all year round. It’s an excellent way to turn one-time customers into repeat clients.

It’s very easy to get comfortable with your regular clients, but we should never become so complacent that we stop looking for new customers. For every customer you lose, you will need double in new customers to fill their revenue, as a rule of thumb.

Think about creating a marketing campaign geared toward attracting some new clients. Be specific with your choice of wording to let people who are unfamiliar with your product know you’re talking to them. Make updates to your website, keeping it fresh and current; maybe spend some time getting ahead of the game by writing a few blogs to keep for posting at busier times in the year.

People love to save money. Consider adding a first-time buyer discount to encourage new customers to place an order. Have you ever hosted a live online event on social media? To tell people about your service.

There’s always an opportunity to take advantage of times when competitors may be in quiet mode. Taking advantage of a target audience is often just as accessible before a busy season as during its peak.

Don’t take slow sales months as a negative; they are an excellent opportunity to get online and really show your business off. There are so many ways in which you could try attracting new customers. Run a contest or create a video advert, boost it to a larger audience across social media platforms

Take this opportunity to build a contact list for future marketing.

Don’t let the dips get you down; Seasonal business dips are an unavoidable part of the business. Use your time wisely to keep customers coming to your website.