Why You Are Losing Sales To The Competition

Think Mobile!
Gone are the days when people used to wait until they got home to browse your wares on the Internet on the family desktop PC. Consumers are now checking out your products and buying online from the only device they need, their smartphone, the world of ecommerce at their fingertips.

Mobile commerce is still growing year on year and there is no indication this is slowing down. Therefore, you have to ensure your website is mobile friendly and can handle and cater for shopping on the go. If you are not sure whether your website does this, simply grab your smartphone, open your browser and vitis your ecommerce store online and put yourself into the shoes of a potential customer.

Design Focus
Having a great web design is still key and is no different to have a great retail shop, if it looks appealing customers will enjoy their experience and spend their money with you.

Ensure the navigation is clear and customers can get around your shop quickly and easily without having to think about it.

Analyse your changes using online applications like Google Analytics to make sure the changes you are doing are positive. Don’t be afraid to ask different people of different ages about their experience on your website to gain vital feedback.

Marketing Through The Right Channels
Where you choose to spend money on marketing is vital and can be a huge decision, getting it wrong will cost you money and in some cases cost you your business.

There are many ways to market your products and services and our advice is to speak to expert marketing companies, like Pebble who know what marketing is going to work where.

Nevertheless, on the Internet it is no suprise that companies like Google is where you may well end up spending a sizable chunk of your marketing budget via its Adwords platform, or you maybe considering a more organic approach.

We hope this short post will prove beneficial to you and if you have any questions on marketing your website on the Internet call one of the Pebble team on 01733 902070, email us via our contact page or reach out to us on Twitter @pebbleltd