Do I Need To Keep Magento Up To Date

We never thought we would have to write a post about the reasons why you should keep Magento up to date with the latest security patches but it seems we have to. If you look from a technical point of view you should keep abreast of updates as things change but we appreciate that you have to run a business. For this very reason Pebble let you know as and when security updates are required by email.

There are security exploits in everything, not only Magento. Therefore and unfortunately this is a never ending task. An unpatched security vulnerability could lead to your website being hacked and there could be legal repercussions if customer’s personal data is stolen (we have all read in the news recently about this).

If you think this will not happen to you, you are very much mistaken and even though we provide patched and secure hosting this does not mean your website is safe.

When using Magento, if you login to your admin area and a security patch is available it will be displayed at the top of the screen. You can go ahead and click on the link which will give you a clear indication on the severity of the vulnerability and the actions you need to take.