HOW WE HELPED HCR Independant Financial Advisors WITH THEIR PROJECT..


Website rebuild based on new branding guidelines.

There was an old site we could use as a datum, but it was very out of date.

The website sole purpose was to demonstrate the skillsets they have in-house and to show their proven track record. The devil is in the detail as they say and the written word was very important, finding a great way to present a lot of written content was key. It gives potential customers a real opportunity to see the passion and pride they take in planning. 


The site has a great navigation system and a straightforward contact form for their clients to make contact with ease.


HCR make all decisions based on what is best for their clients. They don’t sell products; they build solutions. By getting to know each one of their clients, understanding their needs and goals they can implement and plan to help achieve them. They value the relationship with clients as long term and maintain regular contact, reviewing and adapting as and when client’s circumstances change.