Scheduling Social Media – Saving Time & Money

If you haven’t been told already, Social Media is a must to use for businesses. At no cost, the different social media channels allow you to interact and engage with customers or prospects as well as increasing your brand awareness.

But if you’re not using scheduling tools to help you with this, unless managed properly, you could become a social media addict and be on there for hours on end!

You need to create a plan, schedule your updates and engage with followers, if done correctly you will see a positive impact on your business!

What tools to use?

There are a number of free social media management tools

We think the best tool to use is Hootsuite, and here’s why:

1. Monitoring Multiple Streams – Hootsuite will allow you to add all of your social media channels to an account for you to manage and update whenever you want. This way all of your channels can be dealt with in one place. When you have a social media channel added to your account, you will be able to add different streams showing, home feed, mentions, updates, scheduled updates and more. This is good to see clearly on one page what’s going on with that channel.

2. Delegating to different team members – This is especially good for businesses: If you have a team of people that participate in using social media you can have a team under one account and delegate certain roles to them.

3. Free Reports via email: Hootsuite will send you a weekly email with a PDF graph report showing;

– Numbers of clicks per day
– Geographical information on the people clicking through
– Top referrers
– Most popular links

This way you get a weekly insight into that week’s social media activity and what is or isn’t working well.

4. Shorten links: This is a brilliant way of shortening your updates. For example with Twitter it will only allow you 140 characters, adding a URL to the update will decrease the amount of characters left, using the shortening link tool you can shorten the amount of characters used for the URL, giving you more characters.

5. Scheduling feature: In the top left hand corner is where you will be able to add any update and can choose what channel/channels send it. You can then schedule this to a certain date/dates and what time you want it to go out. At that time and date that will be sent.

Spending 15-20mins a day on Hootsuite or the other management tools, to schedule updates to each channel for the entire day will stop you constantly being on each channel throughout the day. This way it gives the impression you are always engaging and interacting and the key to succeed on social media is to be consistent, so this is perfect for that.

If you need any advice or help with using social media management tools, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Pebble Web design.